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Company History

Southwest Sign Co is a family-owned business that has been creating spectacular commercial signage since 1991. Like most successful companies, we started with humble beginnings in a cramped garage. Back then, our most important goal was to create amazing signage at fair prices. We set out to become partners with our customers so we could make the entire process easier for everyone. Our company is built on good business practices with an exceptional staff, excellent craftsmanship, and the highest level of commitment to our customers. The seeds for the success we’re experiencing now were planted back then.

Over the past three decades we have grown into a company that manufacturs signage for the biggest names in the world from Hot Dog on a Stick in the early days, to Louis Vuitton and Chanel today. Our Southern California facility houses the best equipment and technology available today. We work as a dedicated team of designers, project managers, artisans, technicians, fabricators, installers, and customer service professionals.

Southwest Sign Co has the passion and commitment that can only come from a family-owned business. We genuinely care about our customers and their brands. Despite our success and growth, our goal has always remained the same. We want to help impact your business in the best possible way without breaking your bank.

Let us make the entire process easy for you. Give us a call now!

Connect With Us​

Let us consult on your project whether in the design phase, or up against a deadline. We can translate your design intent into a buildable sign or work off existing plans. Feel free to send us plans, photos, drawings, or anything you think might be helpful for us to quote you a Southwest Sign.

If you’d rather speak with us, we’re here for you at (951) 734-6275.

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